fathomsmovie asked:

Hey duder, real question time! My impression is that your work is very improvisational and in the moment. Or is that just your super chill vibe? What is your process like in developing / planning / creating something like a short film that can't be completed in one or two sittings? Do you outline, storyboard, write stuff? Is the process wildly different depending on your mood? What's the deal?! Thanks, Joe

charleshuettner answered:

Hi Joe. thanks for the thoughtful question.  First off I want to say, if you’re looking for advice, my main tip is to ignore any rules you might have been taught and focus on what works for you. There is no right or wrong way to animate. So do whatever you want to get sweet results. 

Yeah you guessed it. I mostly just animate off the top of my head.  I’m not big into pre production. I never make animatics for my own stuff. I only do rough animation if its a complicated shot that i might fail at. Otherwise i just go straight into final clean animation. I’m not saying that’s the best way to do things, but its best for me. I do make storyboards for longer stuff.  They’re super sketchy and loose.  Mostly just make them to quickly reference what happens next and to keep the big picture in mind.  This is the storyboard I used when making The Jump.


You’ll notice I cut some stuff out and didn’t bother planning out the ghost memory stuff.  I think if story meant a lot to me I might be more into planning. But it doesn’t, so I’m not.



Anonymous asked:

What are those red and blue pencils you always use? At first I thought they were just prismacolors, but whenever I try to stack other media on top of them they don't take very well.

2dbean answered:


That’s what they are.  The Prismacolor col-erase pencils.  I mostly use red, blue, or orange.  Not sure what media you are using to stack on but I’ve been kind of successful with brush pens, sigma white gel pens, prismacolor markers and copics.  I’ve noticed pastels and conte crayons fight the lines though so I no longer use those.  All of these work best on toned paper in case you’re only using white paper.  Just my thoughts.  Good luck, maybe one of these mediums listed give you better results.







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